Cartoon Movie velger 2 norske


De norske filmprosjektene Amundsen & Nobile (Kajsa Næss, Mikrofilm) og The Tower (Mats Grorud, tenk.tv) skal presenteres når Cartoon Movie 2017 setter i gang 8.-10. mars i Bordeaux, Frankrike.

Cartoon Movie samler profesjonelle animasjonsprodusenter fra hele Europa og presenterer animerte langfilmprosjekter i ulike produksjonsstadier. Blant årets 55 utvalgte prosjekter som skal presenteres er to norskproduserte langfilmer.


Amundsen & Nobile
After triumphing in the deadly race for the South Pole, explorer superstar Roald Amundsen suffers from post-expedition blues. The only remedy is a new Polar conquest. Tired of skiing, Amundsen gets a remarkable idea: to fly to the North Pole in an airship. Italian airship engineer Umberto Nobile dreams of glory and bold adventure, despite being an indoorsy type. When Amundsen commissions a zeppelin, Nobile grasps the opportunity for fame. He brings along his beloved lapdog Titina, despite her obvious unsuitability for wilderness bravery. A polar epic about the mysterious death of Roald Amundsen, the utter disgrace of Umberto Nobile, and about Titina: the first fox terrier on the North Pole.
Regi: Kajsa Næss
Prod: Mikrofilm (Norge), Denis Friedman Productions (Frankrike)


The Tower
We are in Beirut, Lebanon in a refugee camp. It is May the 15th - the day of the Palestinian Catastrophe from 1948. This is Wardi ́s home. She is 11 years old. She is on her way home to Sidi, her beloved Great Grandfather, who has been forced to live here since 48. Sidi has nourished the hope to return all his life. But the medicine he must take, could also be used for Warda to continue her studies. He is now waiting to say a final goodbye to her on the top of their home - the Tower. Wardi climbs the Tower in search of the hope Sidi has lost. Will she find it in time, will she find any at all? She searches on every floor, and we encounter the different fates of her large family.
Regi: Mats Grorud
Prod: tenk.tv (Norge), Les Contes Modernes (Frankrike), Cinenic Film (Sverige)

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